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Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Hey, I’m Kaleigh Bauer! Matt and I are teaming up to bring you Young Broke Travel. We are professional photographers and enjoy a good adventure. Matt has a passion for finding good deals and I have a degree in mass communications, so it just makes sense to share what we have learned with you.

I graduated this spring at 20 years old from the University of West Georgia with a degree in mass communications with a concentration in film and video production and minor in finance. My first passion was/is horses, specifically Hunter Jumper. I have been riding horses for most of my life. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been the designated photographer at the barn and during any family occasion. Quickly the camera became a huge part of my life.

Now to brag on Matt for a bit! Matt does free-lance videography and photography, working with clients such as Cancer Treatment Center of America and Southern Education Foundation. He co-owns a wedding film business (shout-out to Oak & Willow Wedding Films) where I am assistant camera and marketing. While doing all that he takes classes online! He loves scuba diving, which means many of our trips are to coastal locations where that is possible. That just means beautiful beaches for me!

Being that almost all my family worked for an airline at some point in their life #livinginatlanta, I traveled a good deal when I was young. Even though I’ve always considered myself a homebody, seeing the world while young and able is such a blessing. And so fun! Together, Matt and I find some cool places to visit. We believe that other young couples and singles can have these adventures too without costing themselves an arm and a leg.

- Kaleigh


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