Traveling Tips: Why Fly with a Friend?

When traveling, it can pay to take a friend! We’re not saying to never travel alone. It can be a wonderful confidence builder and allow you to get away, but traveling with a buddy has a lot of perks, especially when flying! In our case, Matt and I do most of our traveling together. You don’t just have to bring a date! Bring your best friend or a random person you get along with!

First, you can split a checked bag and split the cost. Most people don’t need an entire checked bag to themselves. This could save you $30 per way! If your bag is just too small, buy a bigger one! Most airlines don’t allow over 50 pounds before they require an extra charge, so keep that in mind. If you’re looking for nice luggage without spending too much money, check out TJMaxx. We have found huge suitcases for just $60. Maxxinista all the way!

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Second, you may be able to score a whole row to yourself on a plane with your buddy. When booking on an airline that has seat choice as part of your ticket, always book an isle seat and a window seat on the same row close to the back of the plane. Often on a flight that is not very full most travelers will not intentionally choose a middle seat, especially not near the back of the plane. Then you two will get a whole row to yourself to stretch out and enjoy. What if someone does book the middle? Now you’re sitting apart? Nope! Let them have their pick of your window or aisle seat. It will be an upgrade for them and you will still be sitting together. No one is going to complain about that. Recap: if all goes to plan, you get an aisle to yourself (riding pretty much business class for free) but if someone books the middle, you get to make their day by offering them an aisle or window seat! A side note: if you weren’t able to get seats together when you booked your flight, just get to the gate early and ask to be seated together. Often times this can be accomplished. Just remember to always be kind and not act entitled.

When booking on an airline that has seat choice as part of your ticket, always book an isle seat and a window seat on the same row close to the back of the plane.

Another helpful thing is stationing one person at the gate at all times, while the other gets food for both or runs to the bathroom, etc. That way you never miss out on gate changes, boarding times, or delay announcements. That person can also watch all the luggage and hopefully charge their phone for the flight!

When on the flight, remember it’s okay to ask for extra snacks. In most cases, the flight attendants are happy to give you extra! Just be courteous to them who work long and hard hours. With you and your friend, you’ll get twice the amount of extra snacks.

If you have a common travel companion and you always find yourselves flying airlines with checked bag fees, look into a card that offers free perks like upgraded boarding and bags included. Some of these cards also include a travel companion as a perk. That means you can to bring your friend for free. Make sure you book your flights on the same itinerary (that means in the same purchase). Be sure to not get duplicate cards. If you always fly Delta and American, one person gets the Delta card and another gets the American card.

Once in your distinction, traveling together can save on rideshare! Ubers and Lifts now cost half the price because you can split it. Split fancy desserts or exotic meals! Share what you can and it really saves so much in the long run!

Most importantly, don’t annoy the person you are traveling with! Just because it is your significant other or best friend that is accompanying you on the journey does not mean you have to spend 24/7 together. People need time to breath so give them space. Traveling is stressful. Be understanding when your friend (or anyone else for that matter) lashes out or acts rude. I am guilty of it, and I’m sure you are too. It is true that traveling together really shows if you are compatible with each other. You have to learn to be patient, solve problems together, and deal with each other for days on end. Don’t get discouraged if there are disagreements. That’s nature. Just compromise and encourage each other. Traveling with a friend gives you memories to share!

- Matt & Kaleigh


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