The Magic of Google Flights

Google flights URL is as follows:

REMEMBER- SOUTHWEST DOES NOT SHOW UP ON GOOGLE FLIGHTS, instead use this link to search cheap SWA flights.

Alright boys and girls, its time to learn about the single biggest time saver in travel….Google Flights! If you think about it for a second you can probably figure it out, yes…it’s a search engine for finding the best flight! Not just the cheapest, you can find flights during certain parts of the day, you can set it to help you find cheap destinations during certain time frames from a central airport, and there’s more! In this article I'll show you the most popular ways to use google flights, and give you a real world example of how to use this service to save you serious time and money!

Google flights indexes almost every commercial airline in the world into a single search bar, all free of charge! SO USE IT!

-Want to take a weekend trip but don’t know where is the cheapest? Google Flights!

-Have specific dates, but don’t feel like search every single airline website for the best price and/or times? Google Flights!

-Want to see airline baggage policies all in one single view? Google Flights!

-Catching my drift? Good!

Lets try it out! Go to the top of the article and open up GF! Great….now let’s search something!

THE WEEKEND TRIP- Go to the first airport box and type in your nearest airport, and leave the next destination box blank! Now go in and set prospective dates! Click search! Ok, now you should be seeing a map will destinations all over the US, with pricing attached. Go back to the dates box and take a look! Now you can see flexible date view, so lets just choose November Weekend!

New Orleans for $103 round trip? Yes Please!

Locked in Dates- I want to go skiing, and I only have one week in February to do it! Everyone wants to fly into Denver, but I just don’t know where to find the cheapest flight! Head over to GF (link at the top of post) and set your departure and arrival airports! For me its Atlanta and Denver. Then put in your dates, for me its Feb 12th-16th!

But, I also want to depart Denver after 2pm, so I don’t have to get to the airport early after skiing!

Oh and I'm only cool with direct flights!

Now search to find your results! Here is my fiction itinerary and the baggage fees (found below the flights once you pick them).


I hope this helped you have a better understanding of how to find affordable flights.

- Matt


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