Iceland: Renting our first car!

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Upon arriving to Iceland, we picked up our rental car from Blue Car Rental at the airport. It was our first time renting a car! The age to rent a car in Iceland is 20 years old. We got a brand new Toyota Yaris, which worked out wonderfully. For some reason it stayed very warm even when not running and got about 35 mpg. Gas was expensive there – 8 USD per gallon or 227 ISK per liter. It’s definitely worth the gas though to see the country, so just budget for that. In total we put around 1,300 km on the car our whole trip.

A huge WARNING I have for driving in Iceland: watch your speed! The speed limit of the country is 90 kph, which is about 55 mph. So pretty slow! They have cameras around the country, even in rural areas to catch speeders. Apparently they can fine up to 50 USD for going just one kilometer over the speed limit. That would be equivalent to going 55.5 mph in a 55 and getting fined. That doesn’t happen in the United States – that’s for sure. We learned about how hard they were on speeding on our second day in Iceland. Matt was extremely scared that he’d be fined for the previous day. Considering we are tourists driving a rental car, the speeding ticket would go to the rental company and then they would send it to us, which could take over a month. We would just have to wait to see. After that, Matt was sure to drive 10 kph under the speed limit at all times, which was definitely a challenge without cruise control. In four days of this, he had more cars pass him on a two-lane street than cars that have passed him in his whole life! At first we felt bad for slowing them down, but eventually it was a game and we were just saving them from a fine, so. On the last day we realized that when we went by speed limit signs-- they didn’t match our speedometer!!! It seemed our speedometer was off by 10 kph. So instead of driving 10 kph under the speed limit the whole time, we were driving 20 kph (12 mph) under. That explained why literally everyone was passing us. Regardless, it’s been almost two months now and we have not received a speeding ticket!

- Kaleigh


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