Quick Adventures: Blue Ridge, GA

We are starting a new category called “Quick Adventures”! This is when you just want to drive somewhere and do something epic, or just get away and relax without spending too much money. It could include a quick activity in the city or a few days in the country, but it specifically does not include air travel.

A few weekends ago, Matt and I decided to have a quick weekend get away to celebrate our one-year as a couple. Being that we are in the Atlanta area, the North Georgia Mountains sounded pretty appealing. It was only a 2-hour drive from home and offered beautiful scenery.

We stayed at an AirBnb through Clements Family Vacation Rentals. We got a deal on the place but it’s usually $216 a night. If you bring another couple or another person along, that would split the cost in half at $108 a night. It was nestled up in the mountains with a beautiful pool and offered a Jacuzzi and sauna with an amazing porch. I honestly wish we could have spent more time there. If you are looking for something even cheaper, I found a place for $70 a night in Cherry Log right out side of Blue Ridge that sleeps 6 guests! It’s all about searching for the perfect place. We have found that AirBnb offers really good deals. Just take into account that some homes have a cleaning fee tacked on at the final billing page!

Ellijay | Young Broke Travel

We took it easy most of the weekend because it rained off and on. We visited the town of Ellijay and walked around Blue Ridge of course. Both towns are very cute and worth visiting but I would definitely spend time in downtown Blue Ridge. We went to Chester Brunnenmeyer’s for dinner and it was delicious! There are cool tea and coffee shops along with Three Sisters Fudge (but that’s pretty pricey). KaffeeHaus caught our attention, because when we walked in they were playing the theme song to Portlandia. The guy was happy to hear we knew what it was. We also tried MooBears Ice Cream & Hot Dogs, which has a location in Ellijay and Blue Ridge (spent $4 on ice cream). The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway is right there with the train to admire. We looked into going on it (which is highly recommended) but it was $44/pp. Maybe Next time!

Kaffeehaus | Young Broke Travel

One of my favorite things we did was the Swan Drive-In, established in 1955! This was actually my first time at a drive-in. We paid $8/pp (they only accept cash) for a double feature of Crazy Rich Asians and The Meg.

There’s also this thing called Groupon! You’ve probably heard of it before! It’s always worth searching Groupon to see what deals they have on activities in your area of travel. For instance, in Ellijay they offer a Cartecay River Experience, which is tubing down the river: $16 for two people currently. If you prefer, you could go kayaking for $35 for two people. I know when we were in Blue Ridge, we paid just $17 for two people. Prices change, but you can always find good deals. Because of the rain we were not able to kayak that weekend, but we plan to go back before it expires in January.

HOT TIP: Sign up for Groupon using a student ID to get a huge discount, THAT STACKS with the current promos running! We used this trick to get an awesome deal.

We also ran to Walmart and bought a few groceries. We always use "Savings Catcher" (in the Walmart app) and often times get a refund on the already low prices! Like I’ve mentioned before, we love making paninis and guacamole. It’s our staple. We just get the ingredients we need to last us a day or two. It cost us $20, can last us several meals, and saves us a lot of money. A decent sit down meal could be $30 for the both of us, and that's if we don’t splurge! That twice a day for two days is $120. So we’re saving ourselves $100 at the least here!

Blue Ridge | Young Broke Travel

Overall the trip cost us roughly $150/pp including place to stay for two nights, food, and some activities. I think that’s a great deal for a three-day trip to the mountains!

- Kaleigh


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