Iceland: Where to Stay

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Here at YBT we believe firmly in the use of AirBNB's! Often times, these accommodations are cleaner, larger, and more convenient than a hotel all while being far cheaper. While in Iceland we did not have many cheap options. It is not uncommon to spend upwards of $200 per night for a decent room near Rejkavik. So obviously my first choice would be an AirBNB.

Tips to finding a Cheap AIRBNB:

-First decide whether or not you are down with sharing space with your host.

There are many different type of accommodations on the site ranging from a couch in the living room for $15 a night all the way up to an entire 7 bedroom house over-looking Maui for $1900. Your first question should always be "shared space or whole house?"


Things to consider: shared spaces are always cheaper and often times give you access to someone who lives in the area. On my first trip to Hawaii, I stayed in a shared space, and let me tell you, it was well worth the reduced level of privacy. My hosts were always respectful and even went so far as to spend a full day showing me around the island for free! A downside to sharing a space is that often times other renters might be housed in the other rooms. This can present a safety issue for your valuables, so my biggest tip would be to travel lightly and keep your valuables with you while out and about.


Things to consider: These spaces are usually much larger than a hotel room, but are very rarely more expensive. The downside to these spaces are that the hosts are commonly hands off, and you can miss out on very important information on the surroundings.

- Look for new properties for huge discounts.

New hosts offer deals on new properties in order to draw reviews. While this is a much more risky bet than most AirBnbs, it can have huge pay offs! We are able to take risks like this because of things like credit card points. Say for instance that our airbnb wasn’t all it was said to be online, we could easily take our points and stay at a hotel, all without much trouble. If credit card points sound like something you want to work toward, make sure to read our post, Building Credit: Your First Credit Card.

Our cute living room

What we found:

After some extensive searching, we found a beautiful Whole Home right outside of downtown. It was a one-bedroom apartment with ample space. We had a full kitchen (a must for traveling to Iceland), along with a well-designed living room. The best part though, was that we found all of this for under $100/night. To get a deal this good we had to really pull out all of the stops. I searched for hours over the course of a few days, until this property finally popped up. It was a new listing as well, which explains the great price. Check-in was smooth and consisted of a lockbox on the front door. We were able to get right in and on with our day!

- Matt

We rented the basement of this home.


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