Iceland: How did we afford the flight?

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Finding airfare and hotel deals is all about being flexible. These large companies rely on last minute and peak time travel to make up most of their income. So knowing this information, its best for us deal hunters to try our best to be flexible with our travel plans.

Enter Iceland.

While I was on a job in the middle of March, I was scanning my sources for good deals on international flights. I was hoping that we might find some cheap fares for end of the year travel, but I came across a flight to London! It was quite the deal at roughly $284/pp. The flight routed us between Boston and London, with a layover in Iceland. Right out of the gate this was an incredible deal, but the it only got sweeter from there! We would be flying Iceland Air, who brand themselves as the “#mystopover” airline. This meant that we could schedule up to a 7 day stopover in Iceland during our trip! You read that correctly - we snagged a ticket from Boston to London to Iceland and back for only $284 per person!

Finding deals is never an easy thing to do. I scan hundreds of different sources to find my cheap flights, and sometimes even then I don’t find exactly what I’m looking for. As we continue to post more I plan to show you how to scan for good deals, and eventually even find new sources for your own deals.

Mini Iceland Air Review:

We had an incredible time flying with Iceland Air! It’s one thing for an airline to offer incredible value on tickets, but it’s a completely different ball game when that airline has comfortable seats (even in coach), excellent crew members, and free inflight entertainment!

One of my favorite things about this airline is how much they embrace the Icelandic spirit and culture. All announcements are made in the native tongue first and then followed by English. Everything from their website to the inflight safety video flaunted the natural beauty and fragility of Iceland. For me at least, this all really got me in the mood to go explore and see what exactly this remarkable country was all about.

During our journey consisted of 4 flights, 3 on a Boeing 767 and 1 on a Boeing 757. We loved the 767 because of the 2-3-2 configuration! This allowed us to grab 2 seats in our own private row, perfect for those long flights! Our seats had an generous amount of recline, and an equally impressive amount of legroom.

In every seatback there was a large touchscreen monitor with plenty of entertainment options! We watched a few recent blockbusters and even a few episode of Kaleigh’s favorite TV show. Internet was available for purchase along with snacks, premium beverages, and duty free products from Iceland (things like facial creams and trinkets). There was also a USB port in every seatback for convenient phone charging!

Iceland’s largest airport, Kelfavik, not too far outside Reykjavik is very welcoming and designed very well. The bathroom impressed Kaleigh because instead of stalls inside the restroom after you passed the sinks, there were separate rooms with toilet, sink, and plenty of space. The one restroom had probably around 20 separate rooms just for that gender. Very cool. One thing we discovered is that Iceland Air does not have a very clear way of boarding. Instead of lining up by number like with Southwest, or seating zone with Delta, at the Kelfavik airport they just expect you to get into a line when they tell you to. Both times leaving that airport we didn’t hear them call the line and we got stuck in the middle. They wrap around the main hall – in this way I don’t like their system. But just be aware of this when flying home.

- Matt


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