Hawaii: The American Paradise

Maybe it’s just me, but when you ask someone who lives on the east coast where they want to go in the United States if they could have any grand vacation they could; they say Hawaii. Many people think it’s just too hard or too expensive to get there. It does require a flight across the Pacific. Hawaii is 2,390 miles off the coast of California! That’s far! It’s only 1,170 miles from Atlanta, GA to Portland, ME.

I visited Hawaii for the first time in March 2015 with my family and Matt went on his first trip to Hawaii solo in August 2017. Of course we both wanted to go back and especially together. We planned a trip in October for 10 days to spend 5 days on O’ahu and 5 days on Maui. My cousin is a Marine on base on O’ahu so we had to go visit him and I have a dear friend in Lahiana, Maui, so we had to go see her!

Hawaii is abundant with waterfalls, volcanoes, cliffs, beaches, and reefs. There are a variety of adventures you may have between some of the best hiking, surfing, whale watching, snorkeling, etc. Each island is so different and breathtaking.

Although we didn’t go this time, the first time I visited Hawaii I went to the Big Island as well. In our future articles I’ll mention some tips from that trip too.

Matt and I definitely had a grand adventure in Hawaii and you can too! Stay tuned for our Hawaii guide.

- Kaleigh


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