Deal Alert: Hertz – Road trip through Florida

Hertz is offering an amazing deal for you to have a wonderful road trip up the east coast! For just $7.19 per day (not including taxes and fees) you can take a rental car from Florida as far north as Boston!

Everyone drives their rental cars to Florida. Now they have so many cars in Florida that need to come north, so they are offering this opportunity so you can do that for them. The offer is available April 21 – May 31, 2019 with a maximum of a 14-day duration.

Hertz locations in Florida (where you can pick up cars):

• Fort Lauderdale

• Fort Myers

• Miami

• Orlando

• Sarasota

• Tampa

• West Palm

Hertz locations to drop off:

• Atlanta

• Boston

• Charlotte

• District of Columbia

• New York

• Philadelphia

We recommend you take advantage of this deal by flying down to one of these starting Florida locations. Grab a flight on Frontier for just $35! Pick up your car and take your time driving and seeing the sights as far north as you'd like. A 4-day rental should cost you $75 but now it’ll only cost $29. That means you can fly to Florida and take a 4-day car trip for just $65~ dollars. That’s amazing!

Go here for rental car prices.

Just make sure your rental is between April 21- May 31. We recommend you have AAA for the waived young driver fee. That will save you between $15 a day.

Thanks to Brian Cohen at The Gate for sharing this Hertz deal!

- Matt


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