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Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Back in April, Southwest began an Atlanta-Nashville route and they were offering $15 dollar one-ways. We found this on their Low Fare Calendar. So we spent $30 and got a round trip to Nashville for August. Like our other day trips, I will keeping a running of cost per person in double parenthesis. (($30/pp)).

YBT | Hard Rock Café

We flew into Nashville, arriving around 8am. On our way out of the airport, we stopped by the Sky Club for muffins and a water bottle for the road. We Ubered into the city and were dropped off at the Riverfront Park. This cost us $14.42. (($37.21/pp)). Make sure you check for Lyft and Uber promo codes before you fly anywhere. At the park, you can rent bicycles for the day at just $5. You have 1 hour to ride around from the moment that you undock a bike. I recommend downloading the app so that you can find the next station that you want to ride too (they have stations at most of the hotspots). Once you have docked your bike at the next station you can explore around, then just head back to the station (or a new one) and grab a new bike for another hour! If you need to keep a bike for more than an hour you will be charged $1.50/30 minutes. You can save on cost by docking the bike and then just checking it back out with no extra charge. There is no wait time before you can check it back out (at the time of writing). Even though we didn’t rent the bikes this trip, I’m going to include the cost in our running total, because I think it's worthwhile. (($42.21/pp)).

It is tradition for us to always go to the top of a tower/building when in a new city to see the view. So Matt decided we should go check out WeWork. I had never been to one. WeWork is a cool space in downtown Nashville (they have campuses around the world as well). If you are a freelancer and live in one of their hub cities, these shared offices can provide excellent value! You can choose to work in a private office or in community areas as little or as much as you’d like, all while having the opportunity to make connections. There are also perks like free coffee and beer! The girl at the front desk, also named Kaley (spelled a less preferred way), gave us a brief tour.

YBT | Legislative Plaza

Then we walked to the Legislative Plaza. Beware of your surroundings on the street as there are some sketchy areas. At the plaza we really enjoyed the statue at the War Memorial Auditorium.

Right near the plaza is the Hermitage Hotel, which houses what is known as America’s Best Bathroom. To get to the men’s bathroom, go in and immediately turn right and down the gorgeous oak staircase. Before you get to the bottom, there is a hallway on the right with a sign for the restrooms. The woman’s bathroom is quite lovely too, but the men’s stand out because of the green accents in the black glass walls. I'd recommend checking it out.

YBT | Parthenon 360

From there, we grabbed a Lyft to the Parthenon. We have a 5-star rider review on Lyft, we receive 10% off our next 10 rides and often times we can receive 10-25% off almost every ride now. So it pays to be nice to your drivers. The ride cost us $6.78. (($45.60/pp)). The Parthenon was pretty cool! They built a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens, Greece. It feels a bit random in Nashville, but it’s beautiful. The light that comes through the columns was gorgeous around 11am when we were there. We decided to not pay the $6/pp for the Parthenon museum inside. We also got a 360 photo there. Before the trip we bought the Insta360 One, so this was our chance to try it out! It allows you to get 360 photos and videos with a small pocket-sized camera. If you are interested in purchasing one, please do so at this link.

YBT | Parthenon

To save from a $10 rideshare, we walked to Hattie B’s and got some exercise. Our Lyft drivers and Kaley at WeWork recommended this place. Apparently Nashville is known for their hot fried chicken and this place tops them all. We had to wait in line outside for at least 30 minutes and then got a table outside. Being that I’m a vegetarian, I only got sides so the meal cost us both $14.91. (($53.06/pp)). After that we wanted dessert so we got a Uber over to the Cupcake Collection, which is a local cupcake store. That ride cost $4.60. (($50.36/pp). There they are famous for their sweet potato cupcakes, which are $2.45 each (cash only). (($57.81/pp)).

YBT | Hattie B's

Right around the corner was the Bicentennial park. Don’t get that confused with the Centennial park where the Parthenon is. The Bicentennial park is much cleaner and beautiful, considering it’s right at the capital. In the park, there are the Bicentennial Park Bells, which were just ending their song as we arrived. Every quarter hour, the carillon plays a part of the Tennessee Waltz and then every hour it plays the whole song. There are 95 bells, one for each county in the state. This park is very “stateriotic” with a whole timeline of Tennessee history starting at one-billon years ago (cause that’s very necessary). Right next to the park is a farmer’s market. Inside we got some ice cream at Jeni’s Splendid. I know it sounds crazy, but the sweet corn and blackberry ice cream was insanely good! It was $5. There are other cool restaurants and shops there to explore too. (($62.81/pp)).

YBT | Jeni's Ice Cream

From there we made the trek through the park, under the train bridge, through the waterspouts, over the granite Tennessee map (so cool), and up the massive hill to the capital building. We arrived right at 3:45, fifteen minutes before it closes. We went through security and looked around the capital building. It is quite lovely inside and you can see the Senate and House of Representatives. The capital also provides air conditioning in the crazy Tennessee heat in August.

Lyft picked us up from the capital and brought us to the airport for $13.20. (($69.41/pp)). I enjoy ride-share because the drivers you meet are so interesting and often share so much information about the city since they live there. Just understanding life there is neat to me. Is rush hour traffic similar to Atlanta? What is their interstate perimeter like? Is public transportation convenient?

At the airport, we stopped at the Sky Club to wait for our flight. We have found it’s quieter and more relaxing at the club and we can grab a hardy snack and save on a meal. We made it back to Atlanta by 8:45pm, making it one of our shorter day trips.

YBT | Sky Club

Our day trips should always come below $150/pp but this one came out to $69.41/pp! Now granted, we travel with a buddy to cut down on ride-share costs, etc. If you are traveling alone and take on this trip, your grand total would still be $88.85! Of course I don’t expect you to do everything we did. I’m sure some of you will spend a little less, and some might spend a lot more depending on what you decide to do. Hopefully you could find this guide for Nashville helpful.

- Kaleigh


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