Colorado: Snowmobiling, dinner, & views

There is so much to do in Colorado! Even though the main reason we went to Colorado was to ski and snowboard, I want to share some other things we did and found fun. Colorado is not just for skiing! We enjoyed driving around a seeing some views while also flying through trails of snow!

One day to break up the skiing, my mom and I decided to go snowmobiling. On short notice that can be difficult but we found a place not far away in the outskirts of Breckenridge. The place had pretty great reviews. You can also dogsled there too, so that gives us a reason to go back (they're booked far in advance for that). We drove down this dirt road between the mountains to reach Good Times Adventures.

Good Times gives you a helmet (not optional), snowmobile suit, and boots to use but does not provide ski goggles, gloves, or other warm gear. Bundle up! While we waited, we watched the sled dogs.

Every year, Good Times gets the latest and greatest Ski-doos. That means we were all riding on 2019 snowmobiles with hand warmers for front and back passengers. It was my first time on a snowmobile but it was very easy and straightforward. Our guide walked us through every button and then we were off in a single file. They had a practice track for us. We took turns going around like speed demons. Then we were off on the trail.

We climbed the mountain in our snowmobiles and stopped at various spots to see the view. We made it 11,585 feet above sea level to the Continental Divide. The excursion was well worth the $190 for two.

After a good day snowmobiling or on the slopes, you need food. If you're looking for a nice place for dinner or a sports bar, the Crooked Creek Saloon and Creekside Eatery is both! The food is unique and very well done. We tried their veggie burger and fish and chips. Their special Ruben soup surprisingly was outstanding. Maybe you'll luck up and get the cute, sweet old lady as your server like we did.

Down the street from there is Granby Ranch near Fraser. It’s a beautiful community that offers vast outdoor activates in the winter and summer and their own little ski resort. We just enjoyed walking up to their gazebo on the top of a hill to see the view. It’s stunning.

Make sure that if you're near Winter Park that you stop by their ski village. They offer cute restaurant and stores. Enjoy your time sitting by the fire, skating on the little rink, or just walking through the village with heated bricks so you're not walking through snow.

The Perk is a beautiful little coffee shop at the base of Winter Park's mountain. When you come into town from Denver, It should be one of the first building in the built up downtown.

The first time Matt went to Winter Park, he stayed at the hotel right across the street that is in the second floor of the ski shop. He tried The Perk on recommendation from the staff, and also because it was convenient. He appreciated the rich tone of flavor of the espresso they served, so he stopped by every morning before hitting the slopes. Buying your coffee off property will generally save you a few bucks, and we found it to be an excellent value. He also had the chance to try out one of their cinnamon rolls, which was excellent.

Another recommended place in Downtown Winter Park is The Ditch. This dive bar incorporates, as a main ingredient, green hatch chili from a small town in Mexico. It has a very interesting taste, that Matt found to be very appetizing and not too spicy. His palette for spicy is definitely in the low-mild range, so most people should be able to easily handle the level of spice. Overall the burger was excellent and the service was subpar. Take the service rating with a grain of salt; it might have just been an off day for the staff.

- Kaleigh


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