Barcelona: Spanish city of cathedrals

In October, Matt and I traveled to Barcelona with his awesome mom in tow. This was her first trip out of the country and she trusted us to give her a good time and keep her safe. We flew in on a Sunday after traveling all day Saturday, spent four days in the city and one day jetting off to Milan, Italy. Barcelona has been highly recommended to us as the most beautiful place to visit in Spain. Matt spend a few days in Madrid in September and said although it was worthwhile, it wasn’t as cool as Barcelona. Barcelona is known for its architecture, history, and the fact it one of the world's major global cities.

Wow! There were a lot of cathedrals and castles! If that is an interest of yours, then you must go! I also felt like of all the places I’ve been (excluding Universal), Barcelona felt most like Diagon Alley, from Harry Potter, specifically in the Gothic Quarter. To me that was the coolest thing ever! The streets are narrow and full of pedestrians. They are medieval with little shops and restaurants. Barcelona’s currency is the euro. 1 euro = 1.15 USD currently. It makes things pretty easy to convert in your head.

Barcelona has some pretty awesome food as well. Tapas, little portions of almost anything, are very popular in Spain. I really loved the chocolate and churros. Paella, a dish of rice, saffron, chicken, and seafood, is also popular. Of course they speak Spanish, since the city is in Spain. I was able to communicate some with the locals, but you’ll find that the majority speak English well enough to communicate.

Overall, we had had a wonderful time in Barcelona. Be on the lookout for articles on our flight deal there, where we stayed, and what we did! The city was gorgeous and I can’t wait to share photos! Matt’s mom has a wonderful trip, so I can safely say that if you’ve never been out of the country before, Barcelona is a perfect place to visit as your stop overseas!

- Kaleigh


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