Barcelona: Flights, Airbnb, & Transpo

Like any trip, the first step is getting your flight! For Barcelona, we found a deal through Level Airlines, the budget airline owned by Iberia Airlines. The flight from Boston to Barcelona was $260! All we had to do was get to Boston.

Thankfully we had points with Southwest, which we earned through the credit cards. We had to stop in Columbus on the way to Boston. We arrived in Boston around 4pm, just in time for dinner at Jerry Remy's Sports Bar and Grill. With Priority Pass (A membership we get through Matt's Chase Sapphire Reserve), we were able to get a $28 meal per person for free (up to three people per card).

YBT | Flying at Sunset

Then we hopped on our Level flight. I will say Level is bare minimum on drinks and food, even flying over the Atlantic. We weren’t paying thousands of dollars though, so we could handle it no problem. I recommend buying hardy snacks for the long flight. I was squished in the middle seat. Thankfully we did have screens with plenty of current movies to choose from, although this feature is now paid. The flight was 7 hours long.

We landed around 11:30am Sunday morning at the lovely Barcelona airport. Running off very little sleep – since I can hardly sleep on the plane to save my life - we then navigated Spanish customs. After clearing customs we headed straight to the metro terminal where we approached a ticketing kiosk. You can buy a two day Hola Barcelona card (includes the bus, metro, and incline railways) for just €15 ($16.90). We bought two 2-day passes, since we were going to be gone for a day in the middle of our trip. There are other pass options to look at here. The metro and buses are abundant in the city, so the Hola card sufficed for in-city navigation… except leaving the airport.

There is definitely a metro from the airport into the city but it takes a very long time, so we decided we would spend a little extra money to take Uber. If you aren’t in a rush, we recommend you take the metro or bus. After a few days in Barcelona, we traveled to the airport very early in the morning for a day trip to Milan, Italy (which we will discuss in another post) and returned very late at night. The buses were not running that early, so again we just Ubered to the airport and back. At that time of night, it’s only a 15-minute ride and cost between $17 - $25. If we average the rides at $21, that would be $7/pp.

Our place in the city was wonderful! It was an AirBnb! Shocker! This one was located in the Sants-Montjüic, El Poble Sec area of town for just $68 a night ($23/pp if split 3 ways)! It had three queen beds, a kitchen, bathroom, nice shower, and cute porch with a great view. The only downside- we had to walk up 120 narrow steps to get to the apartment on the top floor. That was a challenge in itself, let allow with luggage. There are many options for whole apartments for less than $70 a night, so check it out. Put yourself in a good location to hop on a metro near by and go wherever you want!

So that covers flights, lodging, and transportation in Barcelona. At this point our total spend per person is $400 (($260(flight) + $23 x 4(2 round trip airport ubers) + $16.90 x 2 (4 days of Hola card) + $7 x 2)) for a five day trip in Barcelona. Next we will add food and activities in our future articles! Stay tuned!

- Kaleigh


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