Barcelona: Budgeting food & where to fill your stomach

Molinet Café Antic | YBT

I’m just going to skip straight to my favorite food joint in all of Barcelona!! We ate there three of the four days we were there! Molinet Café Antic! The orders range from €3.90 – 15.90 per meal, but it’s sooooooo much food. For instance, the Alemán (The German) for €15.90 comes with a croissant and bread basket with honey, jam, and butter. Then a platter of ham, salami, and cheese. Then eggs cooked to your liking, yogurt with honey and oats, a massive fruit bowl, and orange juice! It was truly overwhelming and so much food! They aren’t stingy at all like the restaurants in the US. I got the Cubano (The Cuban), which comes with avocado toast. I think they use a whole avocado on the toast. Something like that would cost an arm and a leg at home when added avocado is usually an additional couple dollars. We ordered a couple dishes and just split it 3 ways and then had leftovers. The owner was kind and generous. He was very interested in our travels and let us try special treats from the kitchen. The café is closed Sunday and hours change so check before you go. Molinet Café Antic's information is here.

There is a range of restaurants and eateries in Barcelona. You can spend a lot on a fancy meal or very little for a plate on Tapas. We always recommend going by a small grocery store and getting basic food for breakfast and maybe lunch on the go. Groceries are rather inexpensive. That always saves us a lot.

To celebrate Matt’s birthday, we went to one of the most well rated restaurants in the city: Cera 23. It’s not for the standard young and broke, but I don’t recommend putting yourself in a box. The thing about Europe and most places you travel is you’ll want to try the traditional good food of the country. Sometimes this can be a very pricey dinner. That’s why I recommend budgeting for that if you’re a foodie. I think it’s very important that when you get home from a trip you don’t regret anything. You need to know what’s important for you and what to budget for. Don’t be crazy; don’t spend all your money; don’t waste money! But please save for one nice, fancy meal if that’s what you’d like to do. Of course, for us this was a special occasion but that applies even if it isn’t.

Uaala! Gelateria | YBT

We also have a sweet-tooth, so one morning we got donuts for breakfast. La Donutería has very decorative and tasteful donuts for €3. Another day we got gelato at a cute shop (Uaala! Gelateria) on our way to the Tibidabo cathedral. The dessert places are everywhere and they're so amazing. Matt promised me that before we left, we could get some churros and chocolate. They're at many local cafés. Definitely recommend! Lastly, one day for dinner we went to Macchina Pasta Bar. There are a few around the city. There you can make your own pasta dish: picking your pasta, sauce, toppings, etc. Barcelona has some amazing dishes such as tapas, paella, bombas, escalivada, and crema catalana, which you can find around the city as well.

Barcelona has some famous food markets as well, such as the La Boqueria and Mercat de Santa Caterina. Check them out! They supposedly have everything! La Boqueria was closed on the weekend when we walked by it and the others we didn't have time to see or I'd have more pictures! I guess I have to go back!

To recap: budget for your food. Eat inexpensively from the grocery store or market and splurge within reason to try fancy traditional food. There's a large range of food in Barcelona! Seek it out!

- Kaleigh


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